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Angels & Demons by El Sexto

On Thursday night (May 11, 2017), Smock attended the Angels & Demons by El Sexto event in San Francisco. Danilo Maldonado Machado (El Sexto) is a Cuban dissident and revolutionary artist fighting for free expression against the Communist dictatorship in Cuba.

After Fidel Castro’s death in November 2016, El Sexto spray painted the words “He’s Gone” on a wall in Havana, Cuba. Shortly afterwards, he was thrown in a Cuban prison under the most horrific conditions where he was beaten, starved and denied basic rights. After constant pressure from groups such as the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and other dissident activists, El Sexto was released in late January (2-months in prison).

During Thursday’s art show, El Sexto entered a replica prison cell where he will remain without food for 3-days as an exhibitionist art piece, simulating his time under Cuban Communist oppression (see pictures). A huge crowd gathered yesterday for the show to celebrate the courage of this freedom fighter and it was truly touching to see so many people in support of such a worthy cause.

El Sexto emerging from his cell after 3-days with no food.