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“A Buss From Lafayette” author TEAM SMOCK

Dorothea Jensen, Smock’s Creative Director’s Mother, is on the PR move promoting her new awesome book, “A Buss From Lafayette.” Lafayette was the true rockstar from the American Revolution.

The awesome article below is about her and her new book and it captures her nerd caliber historically accurate creative writing perfectly (not to mention her character). A lot of 14 year old girls these days are swooning over “Hamilton”. We can attest to the fact that Dorothea has swooned for the drama that was our Revolution for many (many) years before, oddly enough, it became a “thing”.

We’re pretty sure “Lafayette” is going to provide more than a little competition –perhaps on Broadway some day– to Hamilton. The Founding Fathers were a tad competitive with each other after all, not just with mad Kings of England. Plus, all that “creating nation states” by simply writing their ideas down on parchment paper with ink and feather that they then could pass around for others to read freely and influence the people to the point of inspiring them to declare themselves into a state of rebellion TOTALLY gave them huge egos!

That said…
Lafayette. Was. THE. Original Rockstar.
Just sayin’.
A single red rose. Dropped.
Seriously. Read the article though. It’s great!

And buy the book here

Article: http://www.hippopress.com/read-article/history-alive

A Buss From Lafayette author Dorothea Jensen