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Danilo ‘El Sexto’ Freed From Cuban Prison

Danilo Maldonado ‘El Sexto’ Machado, a friend of the Smock team was arrested on 26 November, 2016, the day after Fidel Castro’s death. Since then, he has been moved between various high security prisons, beaten, starved and deprived from medical needs.

We are pleased to announce that on the 21 January, 2016 Danilo was released and is now with staying with friends and family. Many people are to thank for their continued effort in securing his freedom, including the Human Rights Foundation, Cuban dissident Rosa Maria, his attorneys and many others.

Standing up for freedom is something we will always congratulate.

Previously, Danilo Maldonado Machado spent almost 10 months in prison without trial following accusations of “aggravated contempt” after being arrested on 25 December 2014 for transporting two pigs with the names “Raúl” and “Fidel” painted on them, which he intended to release in an art show in Havana’s Central Park. He was never formally charged nor brought before a court during the almost 10 months he spent in detention.

Watch a post-interview with ‘El Sexto’:

Here is a full statement from Danilo about his release:

Danilo’s blog: