Danilo 'El Sexto' Machado - Arrested for Celebrating Castro's death - Smock Media
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Danilo ‘El Sexto’ Machado – Arrested for Celebrating Castro’s death

Danilo Maldonado “El Sexto” Machado has been arrested and has been held Incommunicado without charge since Saturday. Danilo is a well-known graffiti artist in Havana who has been repeatedly harassed by Cuban security services for exercising his human right to freedom of expression.
They took him from his mother’s house without an arrest warrant. According to her they dragged him out and violently beat him. His horrified girlfriend, heard him being taken as he telephoned for help after his door was kicked down.
Danilo has been an active participant with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in the Oslo and San Francisco Freedom Forum that Smock has attended. Smock wishes Danilo luck and hopes that he will be released as soon as possible.

Check out a trailer for HBO’s documentary on the oppressive Cuban regime here.

Written by Danilo’s girlfriend:

Danilo’s blog: