Hawk Jensen - Smock Media
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Hawk Jensen is an award-winning journalist, writer, producer, director, editor, poet, and artist with over 19 years as a journeyman Hollywood filmmaker.  He has spent the better part of a decade focused on documentary films for the freedom and human rights advocacy communities.

Hawk got his film industry start working in the trenches doing virtually every production job in the industry.  His early work on TV Commercials included: production assistant, location scout, production coordinator, still photographer, and 2nd unit director.  Moving to independent feature film, Hawk became a 2nd assistant director, 1st assistant director, and associate producer. In his follow up work in television and feature film, he progressed from assistant to the director, title sequence producer, and writers’ room assistant to full writer.  He worked for Disney and Warner Brothers studios during most of this period. In 2009, he sold an original drama pilot script to Warner Brothers and won a DGA/ WGA writing competition for an original comedy script.

Seeking more meaningful storytelling than mainstream entertainment, Hawk joined ReasonTV and became a full-time documentary producer, director and journalist.  With Reason, he produced scores of short films advancing freedom and human rights and won a Southern California Journalism Award for his work advancing photographers’ rights.  

Since his tenure at Reason, Hawk began freelance filmmaking and has produced and directed a number of projects on location in places as varied as Haiti, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Florida and Canada.   

In 2012, Hawk finished his first feature film documentary “Honor Flight” as co-producer and lead editor with the Freethink Media production company.  Amongst its many awards and public accolades, “Honor Flight” premiered in front of a World Record audience of 28,422 people.

Hawk founded Smock Media in 2012 and currently has projects in development with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).  He is also working with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) to tell the stories of individuals that triumph in the face of government oppression through a fifteen episode series called “The Witness Project.” The first two episodes of the series were released in 2015 and premiered at the Library of Congress.  

Hawk Jensen is a Moving Picture Institute (MPI) fellow where he developed a master class post production course teaching advanced editing technique with a particular focus on appealing to audience empathy in documentary films through strong narratives.

Hawk graduated from Colorado College with a BA in international political economy.