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Mindful Editor 2.0

Our Mindful Editor 2.0 Seminar with Moving Picture Institute went so well! Attendees learned both creative skills and mindfulness techniques to become healthy and successful editors!

On day one, director Blair Hayes (Push, Nevada; Bubble Boy) walked us through his own reel. Then, psychologist Brian Seaward spoke about mindfulness. Later in the week, attendees listened to a panel of editors, which included Luke Giudici (animation editor), Tom Wilson (editor of Mad Men, and our very own Hawk Jensen! On day three, attendees were also treated to a trip to SIM Digital, the facility that edits HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Throughout the course of the week, students created trailers for one of our brand new episodes of “The Witness Project,” episode 5: Rosa María Payá. Each trailer was geared towards a particular target audience and the results were spectacular!

Coming soon: Smock Media’s video coverage of the seminar.