'The Mindful Editor' Reception with Hollywood Pros! - Smock Media
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‘The Mindful Editor’ Reception with Hollywood Pros!

During ‘The Mindful Editor’ seminar, Moving Picture Institute and Smock Media held a reception to welcome the attendees and host experienced editors as guests. Among those in attendance:

Yana Gorskaya
Russian-American award-winning feature film editor and screenwriter. Editor of Academy-Award nominated Best Documentary Feature “Spellbound” (2002) for which she won the American Cinema Editors Award for Best Edited Documentary. She also most recently finished editing Jeffrey Blitz’s latest film “Table 19” starring Anna Kendrick.

Luke Guidici
Just finished editing Dan Harmon’s (creator of NBC’s “Community”) new show “HarmonQuest.” Graduated Magna Cum Laude BA/Cinema from SFSU. Also known for “Certified” (2012) and “The Grudge 3” (2009).

Eli Steele
Founder of Man of Steele Productions, longtime MPI-fellow, internship host and more!

The attendees got the chance to mingle and ask any burning questions from these seasoned pros!

Photos by Matt Wood.