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OSLO Freedom Forum

Creative Director Hawk attended the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway. Among the many dissidents and freedom fighters attending this amazing event, Hawk is particularly happy to be meeting Ji Seong-Ho for the first time (pictured below). Thank you to The Human Rights Foundation for making this all possible.

Very powerful talks from every speaker on a great number of topics that highlight human rights violations and what we can do to stop the injustice. Such as:

Bjorn Ihler:“What Surviving a Terrorist Attack Taught Me”
Maajid Nawaz:“The Global Jihadist Insurgency”
Rachana Sunar:“Girls, Not Wives”



Most of these people have spent time in jail or are currently in jail for their dissident acts. Humbling. And goodness these people are hardcore champions of human rights and freedom.


Dissident art on display at the Oslo Freedom Forum. Powerful. Scary. And very true. I like the one with the umbrella the most— it’s my jam.