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The Human Skeleton

This is a scene from the film Honor Flight as edited by Hawk Jensen.

Joe Demler is nearly 90 years old. Here he is holding a photo of himself from LIFE magazine shortly after being liberated from a Nazi prison camp in 1945. The photographer, John Florea, noted:

“In the town of Limburg we discovered an Allied prison camp. They asked me for food that I didn’t have. I did have a roll of Life Savers with me and I said to these fellows all in a row, ’Fellows, this is all I’ve got.’ So I gave each one of these kids a Life Saver out of my roll. Finally, I started to run out and I started breaking them in half and giving each one of them a half. Then I asked a couple of them if they could get up. One kid could not. He weighed something like 70 pounds, and I’ll never forget his name … Demler, Joe Demler.”

Today, as an ambassador to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Joe has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fly his fellow WWII veterans on Honor Flights.


Producer: Free Think Media
Editor: Hawk Jensen


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