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Witness Project: Rosa María Payá

We are proud to announce the release of Witness Project: Rosa María Payá. Rosa María Payá is a Cuban freedom fighter and human rights activist, who speaks of her experience with collectivist tyranny.

Production Team:

Director & Lead Editor: Hawk Jensen
Featuring: Rosa María Payá

Executive Producer: Marion Smith
Executive Producer: David Talbot
Producer: Hawk Jensen
Line Producer: JP Mandarino
Managing Producer: Nate Jensen
Associate Producer: Phillip Hancock
Associate Producer: Claudia Murray

Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell
Assistant Camera: Adam Marquez
Set Photographer: Phillip Hancock
Sound: Rob Freeman
Key Grip: John Galindez
Hair/Makeup: Jennifer Perez
Production Assistant: Aaron Johnson
Director of Cuban Photography: Jacob Kirby
Additional Photography: Oswaldo Payá Acevedo, Reinaldo Payá Acevedo, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Editor: Joe Makdisi
Assistant Editor: Gemma Appleton
Audio Mixing: Peter Trepke
Color Correction: Rainer Rubin
Logo Graphics: Steven Andrus
Music Supervisor: Nicole Churchill
Music Composer: Alex Kaye
Music Composer: Music for Liberty
Legal: Beau Stapleton

Additional imagery courtesy of or by rights of Fair Use:
Critical Past, Associated Press, AFP, Varela Project, Loki Films, TGG

Thank you:
Versailles Restaurant (Miami)

Special thank you:
Josefina, Omar, and Natalia Vento
Versailles Restaurant Miami
Fundación para la Democracia
Cuba Decide Promoters

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