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Views Soar As Anastasia Lin Speaks Up

Episode 3, ‘Anastasia Lin: The Witness Project’ has skyrocketed to over 70,000 views since last Thursday in parallel to Anastasia getting world wide coverage for the Human Rights Activist running for the Miss World crown.

The Miss World pageant, which Anastasia was a contestant in as Miss World Canada, ends tomorrow (December 20, 2016). We at Smock are ecstatic that Anastasia’s voice is being heard on the world stage, carrying such an important message.

Anastasia has spent the last few days carrying her message to as many sources (The New York Times, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Washington Post) as possible and raising awareness. During the pageant, Anastasia has been silent, claiming that:

“employees of the British-owned beauty pageant had warned her that she would be ejected from the competition if she spoke publicly about murky, government-sanctioned transplant programs that human rights advocates say rely heavily on the organs of murdered prisoners of conscience.”

However, Anastasia says she is still thankful to the Miss World competition who has given her the platform to speak freely today.

Anastasia finished in the Top 10 for the Talent category and we couldn’t be prouder of everything she has achieved. See her performance here.

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