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Anastasia Lin grew up in China but later moved with her mother to Canada as a young adult. Once she was outside the influence of the Communist Party, she realized the lies she had been taught to believe. Now, as an accomplished model, actress, and winner of Miss World Canada 2015, she speaks out in hopes it will encourage other Chinese to do the same.


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Production Team:

Director & Editor: Hawk Jensen
Featuring: Anastasia Lin

Executive Producer: Marion Smith
Executive Producer: David Talbot
Producer: Hawk Jensen
Line Producer: JP Mandarino
Managing Producer: Nate Jensen
Associate Producer: Ross Kenyon
Associate Producer: Austin Michael

Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell
Assistant Camera: Danny Salazar
Production Supervisor: Kenitra Beauford
Set Photographer: Todd Westphal
Sound: Robert Backus
Gaffer: Mike Philips
Hair/Makeup: Edward Jimenez
Production Assistant: Phillip Hancock
Production Assistant: Ricky Seleuco
Location Manager: Alex Manning

Creative Editor: Andy Lee
1st Assistant Editor: J.M. Bartelt
2nd Assistant Editor: Phillip Hancock
Additional Editing: Rob Montz, Seth Goldin, Robert Chapman-Smith, Kirby Voss, Zach Weissmueller, Matt Wood
Audio Mixing: P3 Post
Color Correction: P3 Post
Graphics: J.M. Bartelt
Logo Graphics: Steven Andrus
Music Supervisor: Nicole Churchill
Music Composer: Alex Kaye
Legal: Beau Stapleton
Publicity: Native Collaboration

Little Girl: Megan Xiong

Art provided by Gus Harper Studios.

Thank you:
Heather Muszynski
Lisa Dewey
The Reason Foundation
Moving Picture Institute

Special thank you:
Rick Souza

Additional audio and visuals used by rights of Fair Use courtesy of:
New York Times
Al Jazeera
Young Pioneers Anthem
Miss World Organization
MND Taiwan