Dániel Magay - Smock Media
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Dániel’s idyllic childhood was wrecked when communist authorities targeted his father, a popular landowner. Though his efforts to escape communism brought Dániel to the 1956 Olympic Games and, eventually, San Francisco, Dániel remains deeply shaped by having grown up under that brutal system.



Witness: Dániel Magay
Director: Hawk Jensen

Producer: Hawk Jensen
Executive Producer: Marion Smith
Consulting Producer: Clay Broga
Associate Producer: David Talbot
Associate Producer: Travis LaCouter

Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell

Camera / Sound: Danny Salazar
Additional Camera: Todd Westphal
Production Coordinator: Molly Hale
Production Coordinator: Heather Muszynski

Editor: Hawk Jensen
Colorist: Benjamin Gaskell
Post Production Audio: Defacto Sound

Special Thanks To: Veronica Magay