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As Venezuela implodes beneath an oppressive socialist regime, one democratically elected mayor turned dissident is fighting back against the dictator and standing up for the Venezuelan people. This is David’s story.



Featuring: David Smolansky Urosa

Production Team: Executive Producer: Marion Smith Co-Executive Producer: David Talbot Producer / Director: Hawk
Jensen Supervising Producer: Naphtali Rivkin Line Producer: JP Mandarino Associate Producer: Phillip Hancock Associate Producer: Austin Michael
Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell Gaffer: Antoine Dupont Grip: Michael J. Piekutowski
Sound: Aaron S. Webster
Set Photographer: Phillip Hancock
Production Assistant: Karena Halvorssen

Post Production Team: Editor: Hawk Jensen Assistant Editor: Beau Cardall Editorial Intern: Angela Morrow
Title Animation: Steven Andrus Map Animation: Criz Jiménez Audio Mixing: Peter Trepke Legal: Beau Stapleton
Post Production Assistant: Angela Morrow
Post Production Assistant: Vania Lopez

“Observation Wheel”
Performed by Jacob Montague
Courtesy of Position Music

“Teenage Drones”
Performed by Joseph Michael McGregor and Eric Wikman
Courtesy of Position Music

Archival Footage Sources: VOA VTV AParchive AFP Reuters Getty Archive Additional audio and visuals used by rights
of Fair Use.


A Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation original series concept.

A Smock Media Production.


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