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Nal Oum rose from humble beginnings to earn a scholarship to study in Paris and eventually become a medical doctor in his native Cambodia. His education became a liability, however, when the fanatical Khmer Rouge took over the country, and he is believed to be the only physician to have escaped the Khmer Rouge death camps.



Executive Producer: Marion Smith
Co-Executive Producer: David Talbot
Project Manager: Travis LaCouter

Production Team:

Directed and Edited by Hawk Jensen
Featuring: Nal Oum

Producer: Hawk Jensen
Producer: JP Mandarino
Associate Producer: Heather Muszynski
Associate Producer: Molly Hale

Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell
Camera: Todd Westphal
Sound: Jerry Rose
Production Assistant: Omar Mendez
Production Assistant: Jessica Angeline

Creative Editor: Andy Lee
Assistant Editor: John Christiansen
Post Production Audio: Defacto Sound
Colorist: Benjamin Gaskell
Graphics: Steve Andrus
Music Composer: Jay Villanueva
Legal: Beau Stapleton

Thanks to: Gus Harper Studios
Special Thanks to: Chanly Oum

Production courtesy of Smock Media Holdings LLC

©Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation 2015