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Rosa María Payá is a Cuban dissident, freedom fighter, and daughter of Oswaldo Payá. Rosa tells the inspirational story of her fight against communism and how she wages her own battle to finally bring democracy to Cuba.



Photos from Set



Production Team:

Director & Lead Editor: Hawk Jensen
Featuring: Rosa María Payá

Executive Producer: Marion Smith
Executive Producer: David Talbot
Producer: Hawk Jensen
Line Producer: JP Mandarino
Managing Producer: Nate Jensen
Associate Producer: Phillip Hancock
Associate Producer: Claudia Murray

Director of Photography: Benjamin Gaskell
Assistant Camera: Adam Marquez
Set Photographer: Phillip Hancock
Sound: Rob Freeman
Key Grip: John Galindez
Hair/Makeup: Jennifer Perez
Production Assistant: Aaron Johnson
Director of Cuban Photography: Jacob Kirby
Additional Photography: Oswaldo Payá Acevedo, Reinaldo Payá Acevedo, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Editor: Joe Makdisi
Assistant Editor: Gemma Appleton
Audio Mixing: Peter Trepke
Color Correction: Rainer Rubin
Logo Graphics: Steven Andrus
Music Supervisor: Nicole Churchill
Music Composer: Alex Kaye
Music Composer: Music for Liberty
Legal: Beau Stapleton

Additional imagery courtesy of or by rights of Fair Use:
Critical Past, Associated Press, AFP, Varela Project, Loki Films, TGG

Thank you:
Versailles Restaurant (Miami)

Special thank you:
Josefina, Omar, and Natalia Vento
Versailles Restaurant Miami
Fundación para la Democracia
Cuba Decide Promoters

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